in my hands
greasy water and bloody meat
something once a vigerous animal
a beast that killed and thrived
cut down to bones and insides
resulted down to flesh and a decimal

in my hands
i hold something that was once alive
is this all we are.
human beings
we like ladies and fine cars
we can kill and we can love
we can touch the disease with gloves
we can cure, but we can infect.
we steal from ourselves.
we are cycles of reject and accept

piles of meat
walking down the street.
we trade paper for armani
a face for revenge
everbody is going to die!
i wish i could be young forever
live in a glasshouse,
the light burns clearer
keep up this poker face for-ever.

can we be raised and grown
fed and caged and herded
we are just as easily barcoded and tagged
slaughterhouses and sharp machinery
dried out and bagged.
boiled until we have nothing left to offer.

here there